Friday, February 17, 2012

Penchalakona houses the temple of Sri Penusila Narasimha Swamy

Penchalakona houses the temple of Sri Penusila Narasimha Swamy, which is situated at the foot of a hill. It is believed that Kanva Maharshi did his penance here.

Penchalakona village is located in Rapur mandal of Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh. It is 70 km from Nellore town.

The annual festival of the temple, during the month of April and May, is a major event at Penchalakona.Devotees from near and far distances congregate for Narasimhaswamy Jayanthi with great devotion.

The river KANDLERU as it is now called, originates from the water falls of the mountain ranges on the West and the South, had another name KANVAYERU. The river flows through Rapur and empties itself in the Bay of Bengal, Near Krishnapatnam.

This is a very ancient sacred place (pilgrim centre). Lord Narasimha manifested Himself here as a huge of rock in “Yoga mudra” (in an entwined contemplative posture) and hence it acquired the name of “Penusila” (huge rock) and in course of time became famous as “Penchalakona”. Legend has it that after slaying the demon Hiranya Kasipa, Lord Narsimha bathed in Penchalakona and withdrew that “Avatara”(incarnation) of Narasimha, shedding His anger and ferocity. The Lord here goes by the name of Somasila Narasimhaswamy and has become one of the Nava Narasimhas (nine manifestations).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nellore District news papers channels radio phone nubers

Share Nellore News in Print, audio, video media (use local nellore telephone code : 0861-)

  • Press Club 2329888
  • D.P.R.O 2331179
  • Deccan Chronicle 2348581
  • Indian Express 2331193
  • AIR 2339992
  • Eenadu 2327298
  • Sakshi 2333910
  • Andhra Jyothi 2345111
  • Vaartha 2348105
  • Surya 2323744
  • Andhra Bhoomi 2348581
  • Andhra Prabha 2303263
  • Prajasakthi 2316623
  • Zamin Ryot 2327354
  • Lawyer 2323485
  • Visalandhra 2311888
  • ACN 2331762

Nellore Railway Codes Distance

Code Name Distance

  • NLR Nellore 0 km
  • NLS Nellore So... 2 km
  • PGU Padugupadu 4 km
  • VDE Vedayapale... 8 km
  • KJJ Kodavaluru 11 km
  • TMC Talamanchi 16 km
  • VKT Venkatacha... 17 km
  • AXR Alluru Roa... 27 km
  • MBL Manubolu 29 km
  • BTTR Bitragunta 34 km
  • SVPM Sri Venkat... 38 km
  • GDR Gudur Junc... 39 km
  • ODUR Odur 47 km
  • KQA Kondagunta 49 km
  • KVZ Kavali 50 km
  • PYA Pedapariya 53 km
  • VDD Vendodu 58 km
  • TTU Tettu 65 km
  • NYP Nayadupeta 67 km
  • NDZ Nidigallu 67 km
  • VKI Venkatagir... 75 km
  • UPD Ulavapadu 78 km
  • YAL Yataluru 81 km
  • DVR Doravari C... 83 km
  • PEL Polireddip... 86 km
  • YLK Yellakaru 87 km
  • SKM Singarayak... 88 km
  • SPE Sullurupet... 94 km
  • AKY Akkurti 95 km
  • AKAT Akkampet 97 km
  • TNR Tanguturu 98 km
  • KHT Sri Kalaha... 99 km

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Upcoming Kavali District

kavali road nh5
Kavali is not only municipality going to be a new District who proposed Doka.mankya vara prasad. Kavali is a Town and a Municipality in Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore district on the East Coast of India in the state of Andhra Pradesh on NH5(HighWay) India. Though not exactly located on the SeaShore, it is fairly close to the Bay of Bengal with a beach 6 km from the town. It is the largest municipality after Nellore in the Nellore district. Its position on the Grand Trunk road(NH5) and the east coast railway track (both of which connect Chennai and Kolkata along the east coast) helped its growth, more than the other towns in the Nellore district such as Udayagiri. Kavali in the local tongue, Telugu means 'patrol'. This name arises from the fact that In 1515 Harihara rayulu Udayagiri Raja (king) stationed his army at this town. Being located between Nellore (Nellore District) and Ongole (Prakasam District), it shows local cultures and accents of both the districts. The town houses the Jawahar Bharati College, an institute for higher education, which was a fairly reputed college in the decades before 1990s. It is also well known for the whole sale cloth business in the Coastal Andhra Pradesh. One can find a large number of whole sale cloth markets along the most important road in the town, the Grand trunk road which passes right through the city. A temple of the local divinity, Kalugollamma has a unique history and draws from from British construction techniques of building very strong buildings. It is built with a unique rock called Bontha Raayi found only in this region, which makes this town a unique town in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Kavali is located at 14°55′N 79°59′E / 14.92°N 79.98°E / 14.92; 79.98.[1] It has an average elevation of 28 metres (91 feet). Kavali is second biggest town in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh State, India.

PIN Code 524201. Transport The major railway line and highway (National Highway 5) that connects Chennai and Kolkata passes through Kavali, as a result of which Kavali is easily accessible by road and rail from all south Indian cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Chirala. The nearest international airports are Chennai (215km south) and Tirupati (176km south-east). The proposed Nellore domestic airport is 40 km from Kavali. Culture Telugu is the mostly spoken language. The town is located between the two district Head Quarters, Nellore and Ongole. Kavali has lot of Educational Institutes so the town has lot of students from different regions of Andhra Pradesh. Rice and seafood are the most consumed food in Kavali due to its coastal border. Many Muslims and Christians also live in the town. Masjids and Churches are plenty in the town. "Urusu" is worth watching for its diversified culture. The significant Vysya (business) community is famous for their Clothes business.

Nellore District MLAs List

  • Congress Candidates for Assembly:
  1. Atmakur: Anam Rama Narayana Reddy,
  2. Nellore rural: A.Vivekananda Reddy,
  3. Nellore city: M.Sridhar krishna Reddy,
  4. Sarvepalli: Adala prabhakar Reddy,
  5. Udayagiri: M. Chandra Sekhar Reddy.
  • TDP Candidates for Assembly:
  1. Kavali: Beeda Mastan Rao
  2. Kovur: (pending)
  3. Gudur (SC): Balli Durga Prasad
  4. Sullurpeta (SC): Parasa Rathnam
  5. Venkatagiri: Korukonda Ramakrishna

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nellore famous temples

Jonnawada Temple of Kamakshi Devi
Ranganayaka Temple, this temple is situated on the banks of the river Pennar.
Jonnawada-Located12 km from Nellore, It is famous for the temple of Goddess Kamakshi,praying to whom is believed to relieve one from all problems anddiseases. A \'Sri Chakram\' installed by Sri Jagadguru Sankaracharya. Itis also one of the oldest temples in Nellore(1150CE). Nearby hill Narasimha Konda is also famous for another deity called Narasimha Swamy.
Penchalakona- Located 70 km from Nellore in Rapur mandal. A major pilgrimage centre. It is famous for the temple of SriPenusila Narsimha Swamy, situated at the foot of a hill. Mountains and dense forests surround the scenic spot.
Someswara Swamy Temple - A famous Siva Temple built during the 7th century AD near somasila dam.
Ramathirdham-31 km from Nellore, it is famous for the temple of Sri RamalingeswaraSwamy. Lord Siva and Kamakshamma are the presiding deities while Vigneswara and Subramanya Swamy are the also worshipped.
Chengalamma Temple, Sulurpeta- PilgrimCentres. Located 100 km from Nellore, Situated on the banks of riverkalingi is the Chengalamma Temple which represents the culmination ofthree goddesses namely Saraswathi, Mahalaxmi and Parvathi.
Golagamudi Venkaiah Swamy Temple- It is Located 15km from Nellore it is one of the famous temple in nellore.
Kasumur-Located25 km from Nellore, Known for the Dargah of Hazarath Karimillah ShaKhadri alias Mastan valli, a visit to which is believed to cure variousailments. A popular place of pilgrimage.
Sri Raja Rajeshwari Ammavari Devasthanam,Nellore- Sri Arul Jyoti Nataraja Murthy Swamy of Sri Arul JyotiNataraja Murthy Swamy Ashram Pitadhipathi wished to have a temple forSri Devi. In 1968 Sri Ratna Swamy Mudiliar.
Sri Venugopala Swamy Devasthanam, Moolapet,Nellore-Built in 1883, the presiding deity of the temple is Sri RukminiSatyabhama Sametha Sri Venugopala Swamy. The idols are in black ...Udayagiri Fort-Located 96 km from Nellore, This is the site of a mighty fortress built by the Vijayanagar Kings in the 14th century. A toweringpeak can be seen here.

Nellore district has vivid interest in politics

Nellore people participated in Indian Independence movement andalso in fight for formation of separate state for Telugu people.Notable freedom fighters are Muttharaju Gopalarao and Potti Sriramulu. People of Nellore district has vivid interest in politics. It produced two former chief ministers of state, Dr Bezawada Gopal Reddy and Nedurumalli Janardhana Reddy.The main political parties of the district are Congress and TeluguDesam party. Communist parties of India also have more followers compared to the neighboring districts like Cuddappah and Ongole. Puchalapalli Sundaraiah, the great communist who sacrificed his life and properties for poor practiced communism here.
There are many patrons for the causes of district. Notable among them is Rebala Laxminarasa Reddy, who donated the town hall and pediatric hospital and Venkata Giri Raja, who constructed first collegein the Nellore.